The Academy

2 Timothy 2:15


The student will:

  • Be equipped, trained and supervised in music ministry in a local church
  • Understand the biblical foundations for the use of music in the church
  • Be provided with a variety of opportunities in ministry
  • Maximize their innate potential in musical performance to God's glory
  • Be exposed to a variety of musical materials
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of music theory
Develop an overview of church music


School of Ministry Courses

New Creation Realities

Authority of the Believer

Nine Gifts of the Holt Spirit

The Power of the Gospel I

Covenants I & II

Systematic Overview of the Old Testament

Systematic Overview of the New Testament

The Heart of the Worshipper

Principles of Anointed Ministry

Victory Over Fear

Revived, Restored,and Rejoicing I & II

The Triumphant Church

The Gospels

Recommended Course - Not Required

The High Calling

Teaching with Excellence

Recommended Courses  & Required

No Flesh shall Enter Into the Holy of Holies

Bachelor Church Music Courses

Applied Music - Private Lessons

Performing Group

Music Theory I & II

Service Playing & Accompanying

Church Choir Development

Church Music Administration & Organization

Praise, Worship,& Music in the Church Service

Part 1: The High Calling of Leadership

Part 2: Ministerial Training

Class Voice

Hymnology - Study of Hymns 

Praise and Worship Leading

Sacred Dance/ Music/Drama

Computer Technology/Music/ Keyboard

Independent Study Courses:

Church Music Practicum

Supervised Participation in Local Church

Senior Paper or Music Project

(In Lieu of Written Exam)

Total Credits - School of Ministry                                    76                      $2,660.00

Total Credits - Church Music                                         188                      $6,580.00

Total Credits - Bachelor of Church Music                    264                      $9,240.00

Registration Fees for the Academy: 
$35 non-refundable, course costs $35.00 per credits hour

To register go to contact us.

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